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All 2008 threads that I have been on before today have disappeared.... why?

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justnally · 27/02/2008 12:50

I have searched in the usual searching place, for a thread I was on less than 2 weeks ago, but couldn't find it, so I searched back another couple of weeks. There were no conversations. I then searched back to the beginning of this year and still nothing. Is there a problem with MN at the moment? Has this been discussed already?

OP posts:
Tech · 27/02/2008 13:51

we had a problem a few days ago, but we thought it was fixed. What words were you looking for? Have you tried just putting your nickname in the nickname box and the relevant date in the from or to boxes?

Only other thing that springs to mind is could the thread have been in the chat topic and now deleted?

Let me know if any of these help. Ta.

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