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pleeeeeeease can we stop the pig advert

10 replies

loopylou6 · 25/02/2008 19:07

its making me feel really bad for eating pork, i SO need to become vegetarian, i had a nightmare about that poor pig last night

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OliviaMumsnet · 26/02/2008 10:29

Hi loopylou - where is this pig advert?

marmadukescarlet · 26/02/2008 10:31

ll6, but surely that is the point? Until that advert you didn't realise that some animals were kept in such dreadful conditions.

Olivia, it is the Compassion in Farming (?) one

nailpolish · 26/02/2008 10:31

well then its doing its job then, loopylou isnt it?

buy meat locally and you have nothign to feel guilty about

nailpolish · 26/02/2008 10:32

olivia arent you on mat leave yet?? how are you?

OliviaMumsnet · 26/02/2008 10:49

loupylou, I haven't managed to find the ad yet but naily probably has a point (sorry)

Naily I'm fine, rather large but taking it easy while trying to get lots done if that makes sense. Still only 36 weeks so hopefully LOADs of time left

nailpolish · 26/02/2008 10:52

wow, 36 weeks!

not long now til you meet your baby

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 26/02/2008 11:01

It's the Compassion in World Farming advert - it's a perfectly good advert.

Free-range pigs are happy pigs. I want some next spring. Oink-oink!

nailpolish · 26/02/2008 11:07

duchess, free range pigs are still bundled into lorries and taken hundreds of miles to be slaughtered. i think the advert is trying to make people aware of this fact too

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 26/02/2008 11:23

Our local pigs are killed locally. But I realise we're lucky to still have an abattoir - most small, local ones had to shut after the new legislation was introduced.

loopylou6 · 26/02/2008 12:46

well its certainly made me think, it really gets me where it says, 'alone in the dark and scared' think im gonna stop eating meat although i only really eat bacon anyway, i mainly buy quorn for everything else

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