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PrettyCandles · 18/02/2008 14:45

I don't know whether this is a MN thing or my pc - 'scuse ignorance!

When I hover the mouse over a link to another MN thread, I get the relevant url at the bottom of the screen. (Does everyone get this?) What I'm wondering is whether it's possible to have the thread title appear, rather than the url, so that I can decide whether or not I want to actually clikc on the link?

OP posts:
OliviaMumsnet · 18/02/2008 14:53

Hi PrettyCandles

It's not a MN thing exclusively.
It's an internet thing and it'll always be the full url (not sure it's possible to put the thread title in this).

PrettyCandles · 18/02/2008 15:00

Thanks Olivia.

What about having the title appear next to the mouse arrow?

OP posts:
nannynick · 18/02/2008 16:31

Some things, like Tool Tips (title appearing next to mouse arrow) may not work in all web browsers. It would also need to be coded into the page (I think), so don't think it's practical for Talk pages. - Expect TECH will be able to explain it much better

Some users of mumsnet use mobile devices, screen readers and a variety of other browsers, so I would expect that TECH keeps the site code as generic as possible so that users get the same thing, regardless of browser.

GeekBoy · 19/02/2008 10:16

Changing the status bar text is fairly frowned on now (and indeed prevented by some browsers).

links have a title attribute which is frequently rendered as a tool tip though..

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