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Is there anyone in MN Towers today?

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MaureenMLove · 12/02/2008 17:19

If so, I thought I'd let you know, I've spoken to the Manager at Simpsons Travel and booked my holiday for 4th May!

And its bank holiday week, so I only got to lie to DD's school for 4 days!

Thank you again and I'l send you a postcard!

OP posts:
LIZS · 12/02/2008 17:20

ooer , I've recently got ours booked for France too, just waiting for confirmation of the crossing

OliviaMumsnet · 12/02/2008 17:25

it's a bit tumbleweed-tastic as it's halfterm but I'm here!
Delighted to hear this both and very

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