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Can we have a 'rolling eyes' emoticon?

18 replies

NoMoomAtTheInn · 06/12/2004 20:39

Might be useful... Grin

OP posts:
WhizzzYouAMerryXmas · 06/12/2004 20:40
KateandtheElves · 06/12/2004 20:41

Very Grin

wickedwinterwitch · 06/12/2004 20:41

Oh, I'd love one! And a 'withering look' one. :)

ChristmasCracker · 06/12/2004 20:42

Def need a rolling eyes one Grin

morningpaper · 06/12/2004 20:43

Ooh you're all so mean.

I would like one with horn-rimmed glasses for when I'm being a sandal-wearing leftie.

SenoraPostrophe · 06/12/2004 20:48

I don't know. I really like the s that have been appearing of late. And you can always do this °.°

SenoraPostrophe · 06/12/2004 20:49

does this look like horn rimmed glasses? òó

SenoraPostrophe · 06/12/2004 20:51

perhaps not.

JJ · 06/12/2004 20:51

No, no.. not if they actually roll. Nothing moving. I like my emoticons static.

No editing, either (yes, yes, wrong thread, I know)

jingleballs · 06/12/2004 20:53

i'd like a selection like the MSN ones if poss (i know that's a bit much thou, poss just the tears one, and the laughing one?)

wickedwinterwitch · 06/12/2004 20:54

I prefer static ones too really. And I do like [thud] and those type ones too.

morningpaper · 06/12/2004 20:55

Senora: it looks more like my boobs before I had a baby....

Batters · 06/12/2004 21:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee · 06/12/2004 21:05

can we have an evil smiley too?

JanH · 06/12/2004 21:10

SP, how did you do that tight-lipped thing?

merrymarthamoo · 06/12/2004 21:13

\link{\smilies for every conceivable situation}

Carrie (mumsnet) · 07/12/2004 13:52

Think there seems to be a consensus that we keep things static on Talk - at least for the time being. Hope that's OK with all. Love the selection of emoticons on offer though merrymarthamoo - all other suggestions for emoticons that don't involve us having to disturb the ever busy tech much appreciated!

BunglieOnTopOfTheChristmasTree · 07/12/2004 14:22

But what about my spellchecker?

I need is the season of goodwill unto all Bunglies.....Grin

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