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newish to mumsnet - how do I do links on the for sale board please ?? :)

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bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 10:46

I am pretty new to mumsnet and thought I would give it a whirl selling some of DD and DS stuff.
How do I add the link that will take people to my pictures please?

many thanks

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bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 10:48

take no notice !!! it does help if I read the bit next to where I type the message

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yummylittlelapin · 31/01/2008 16:18

Oh, if you are new, you MUST read how NOT to do links

geordiemacminx · 31/01/2008 16:23

"I'm new to mumsnet and thought I'd give it a whirl to sell some DS and DD stuff"

You see there in lies the problem - people hear about this wonderful oasis called MN - its a bit like ebay - but its free - how cool is that??

Wouldnt it be lovely if new people came to chat, make friends, give and recieve advice? How mad would that be?

Sorry btw bigmommy - this isnt an attack on you - more the general atmosphere on here these days

yummylittlelapin · 31/01/2008 16:31

People do find it through selling though, GMM, or by Googling a product that links to the For Sale boards, and then a lot of them get sucked into general Chat and are never seen again! mwah ha ha!

geordiemacminx · 31/01/2008 16:32

As long as they get sucked into chat then thats fine....We dont need any more huns

bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 16:49

I'll talk to anybody !!!!

(no offence)

OP posts:
geordiemacminx · 31/01/2008 16:50

thats nice - welcome then!!!

yummylittlelapin · 31/01/2008 16:58

LOL bigmomma, you'll fit right in

awww geordie hun

geordiemacminx · 31/01/2008 17:01

If yoou could tickle behind my knee I would be most grateful rabbit - went out dancing on sat night foir the first time since having ds - Have torn ligaments in my knee!! Oh I was out with Vio btw, she cant believe how kind everyone was to her at xmas.

yummylittlelapin · 31/01/2008 17:03

Oh good, I am glad (about Vio, not your poor knee!)
bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 18:03

many thanks for your welcome GMM.

OP posts:
bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 18:04

ps what are HUNS ??

(total bleeding novice!!)

OP posts:
yummylittlelapin · 31/01/2008 18:10

It's a slightly sarky name for the ladies who frequent the For Sale boards (and nowhere else) because they all call each other "hun" or "hunni" all the time

bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 18:16

cheers !!!
will try and mingle abit - but dont want to get a name for being too friendly lol

OP posts:
geordiemacminx · 31/01/2008 18:51

Very dipolmatic there Rabbit.

BigMomma - where abouts are you?

bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 18:58

I am in North Wales

OP posts:
geordiemacminx · 31/01/2008 19:44

If you go onto the local bit of MN they might be some local mums to you - they might have meet-ups and such like. I'm in Glasgow so a bit far!

bigmommyof2 · 31/01/2008 19:46

Thanks for the tip GMM

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