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tallulah · 27/11/2004 11:43

Threads I'm on is great, except I didn't get on the computer for 3 days so it's blank!

I have always gone into "last day" to look for threads that interest me but now with so many new categories I get down to about "G" (if I'm lucky) & my Explorer freezes because there's just too much on there. I never seem to get down to catch up with "other", or "chat".

I've tried the active conversations but there isn't enough info on there to decide whether I need to go into the thread or not.

I've started searching under each category but it takes forever & I'm getting bored with it (at least it's cured the daily addiction ) & it's in a very strange order.

Please can we have a search facility that lets you look for all new messages in several categories at once. Even if it was the categories from the topic board. Just so I can avoid the pregnancy, conception & other stuff I'm not interested in, without having to look under every individual heading.

OP posts:
tech · 28/11/2004 14:27

Hi there, we've done this... been meaning to for ages. On the search page you can choose the topics you want to search. should be fairly self-explanatory.


tech · 28/11/2004 14:49

We've also added a "Threads I started" link to the "Find discussions" section. This goes back 10 days. Regards, Tech

lou33 · 28/11/2004 14:51

it's not searching properly for me, keeps coming up no messages.

tech · 28/11/2004 14:53

hi lou, which one?

suedonim · 28/11/2004 14:56

Lou, you need to hit the double arrow thingie to put the subjects into the r-hand box.

lou33 · 28/11/2004 15:09

Did it all right, hit the arrow thingy, added subjects, but it only came up with 0. Can you add a bit to check all topics, because when I did it the old way (check since i last checked) nothing came up either.

beetroot · 28/11/2004 15:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tech · 28/11/2004 15:13

Hi Lou,
Are you using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox? It wasn't working correctly in Firefox until about a minute ago....

Egypt · 28/11/2004 15:14

not working for me either - clicking on messages in last 4 days/last day/hour and comes up no messages

tech · 28/11/2004 15:17

Hi Egypt, Yes, that's an oversight. I'll fix that now.

Egypt · 28/11/2004 15:19

ooo ta

tech · 28/11/2004 15:23

Hi Egypt, They should be working now.
Regards, Tech

lou33 · 28/11/2004 15:27

using ie

lou33 · 28/11/2004 15:29

just tried again and it seems to be working now

taramac · 28/11/2004 15:36

Not working for me. Only went up alphabetically to subjects beginning with O and now nothing - when I do a search I dont get anything relevant coming up.

Hulababy · 28/11/2004 15:36

Not working for me still - any of the search for last hour/day, etc. that is.

Batters · 28/11/2004 15:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fisil · 28/11/2004 15:46

tech, I don't want to be greedy, but I like to go on "Search Current Threads" and put in my alias as a search term to see if anyone has talked to me over the past day or so, and I think I'm not the only one who does this. Could you either set up this facility as part of "threads I'm on" (sometimes people talk about you to draw your attention to a particular thread) or could your alias and yesterday's date be the default setting on "Search Current Threads". This way I'd be able to search quicker and so my family might actually get fed and my house cleaned!

prufrock · 28/11/2004 15:47

It's working for me, but could the default be to search all topics rather than search none?

tech · 28/11/2004 17:15

Hmm. So all should be working for all now. Shout if not... ta, tech

Egypt · 28/11/2004 19:04

good point prufrock

bumpity bump

Furball · 28/11/2004 19:53

Tech - Sorry to bother you on a Sunday evening, but I'm trying to search current messages and that is giving me zilch as well.

Kayleigh · 28/11/2004 21:10

I'm getting nothing in archived or new messages

fisil · 30/11/2004 13:13

Now I can't find anything in "search current messages" at all. Serves me right for being demanding. Tech, can you help? Please?

JoolsToo · 30/11/2004 13:25

I'm getting 0 message for me and I know thats not right is there a problem?

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