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How long has "Mumsnet Games" been a link???

3 replies

SoupDragon · 19/01/2008 12:47

Up there, just above the moon!

OP posts:
OliviaMumsnet · 19/01/2008 12:55

For about a week or so

Enjoy! (bejewelled is ACE)

SoupDragon · 19/01/2008 13:28

I'm too busy working.

OP posts:
TripleyTigger · 19/01/2008 13:37

We have games?!!!!!!!!!!

Can we play against each other? Or is it just for...ahem...billy no mates yourself to play?

And talking of games.....when is Tech going to set it up so that we can play hangman against each other?

Thanking you,



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