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Has anybody got a waterproof mattres protector?

25 replies

MamaVonG · 17/01/2008 17:42


OP posts:
CarrieMumsnet · 17/01/2008 17:46

You might be better posting this in the wanted section (or on Local) unless you're asking Mumsnet HQ if we have one in which case I'm afraid we don't. Good luck though

saltire · 17/01/2008 17:49

Was there not a thread ages ago where someone called rabbit or Bunny or similar was looking for a mattress protector, adn the board went t**s up and every single thread had the same title, it was all we could see over nad over again

iCod · 17/01/2008 17:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 · 17/01/2008 17:49

Message withdrawn

MamaVonG · 17/01/2008 18:02

lolol at carrie

OP posts:
MamaVonG · 19/01/2008 22:36

at deleted message

OP posts:
PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 19/01/2008 22:42


it came from john lewis - whats wrong?

LynetteScavo · 19/01/2008 22:45

Yes I've got several, and I'm keeping them

PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 19/01/2008 22:55

mine has towelling on it

LynetteScavo · 20/01/2008 09:09

I had a luxury one form the white company, but took it one holiday, and left it on the bed. Anyone stayed at Glynn Barton cottages and noticed the luxury waterproof matress protector?

lljkk · 20/01/2008 09:14

Ring around the old folks' mobility shops (with all the gear for those with declining strength bladders and facilities). They have waterproof mattress protectors in all sizes, might be on the dear side, though.
Boots used to sell them in double bed size, too.

LynetteScavo · 20/01/2008 09:25

lljkk, what are you on?

The White Company, John Lewis, Dreams and Dunelm all sell them.

Or, if you want one for free, you could 'phone someone who's elderly relative has just died, as ask them.

lljkk · 20/01/2008 10:44

Ah, being pregnant myself and worried about waters breaking I was only thinking of double or king size, which are harder to get hold of.

ArmadilloDaMan · 20/01/2008 10:45

we got ours from John Lewis

LynetteScavo · 20/01/2008 11:15

All the stores I mention have king size.. I know because I've bought them. I've always had one on my bed as my DC's have a habit of waking up in the night for a wee, then climbing into my by and doing it!


PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 20/01/2008 11:54

mine is superking size! i love it

MamaVonG · 21/01/2008 14:03

Thanks for your posts

COD what did you put?

OP posts:
MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 21/01/2008 14:05

La REdoute.

FluffyMummy123 · 21/01/2008 14:17

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 · 21/01/2008 14:18

Message withdrawn

nailpolish · 21/01/2008 14:19

how strange

MamaVonG · 21/01/2008 14:31

I bet you called me a whore

OP posts:
Blandmum · 21/01/2008 14:33

The original 'Have you got a matress protecter' theread was mesmerizing! it was justy repeated oevr and over and over until it totaly filled the board.

Did she ever get the matress protector?

Blandmum · 21/01/2008 14:36


that was the poster.

If you search, some of them are still there, but there were 100s!

littleducks · 21/01/2008 14:37

I have a water resistant cover for dbl bede bought it from tesco, was in their value range £2.50 and doesnt feel all plasticy and make me sweat which is why i didnt bother before, its made from the same stuff that cot mattresses are covered with

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