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new topic request.....

34 replies

zephyrcat · 22/11/2004 14:11

Just wondering if we could have a 'Family Stuff' topic. I never know where to put it!!!

OP posts:
maomao · 22/11/2004 14:12

don't let coddy see this!

zephyrcat · 22/11/2004 14:13

oops why?

OP posts:
nasa · 22/11/2004 14:14

I think there are too many topics already.

spacemonkey · 22/11/2004 14:14

surely the whole site is about family stuff?

handlemecarefully · 22/11/2004 14:15

Under 'relationships', 'parenting' ?

What sort of thing do you mean?

suzywong · 22/11/2004 14:17

oh do let coddy see it, she's such fun when she gets her dander up

zephyrcat · 22/11/2004 14:17

just for the mother/MIL other family members stuff. I was going to stick it in relationships but assumed thats more for husband/wife/partner type relationships

was just a thought!

OP posts:
spacemonkey · 22/11/2004 14:17

I reckon Relationships is fine for that sort of thing

maomao · 22/11/2004 14:18

Does a fish have dander? Hmmm... something for me to ponder over a cup of tea

handlemecarefully · 22/11/2004 14:21

Poor zephyrcat,

Everyone, stop jumping on zephyrcat for just making a mere suggestion!!!!!

handlemecarefully · 22/11/2004 14:22

Should have added a . Not really taking a school marmy tone here.

nasa · 22/11/2004 14:22

no one is 'jumping' on her. just contributing our thoughts.

suzywong · 22/11/2004 14:24

Mao mao you sound soooooooooooooooo English! You've obviously beenthere too long, Tee Hee!

handlemecarefully · 22/11/2004 14:24

For heavens sake I was half joking !

codswallop · 22/11/2004 14:35

I would sya that that is where it goes relationships or behaviour
what wodul not fit into those categories
Like whats the diff between only jokiong or chat?

suzywong · 22/11/2004 14:37

come on come on coddy
we're waiting for the punchline......

maomao · 22/11/2004 14:38

I'm waiting with bated breath

codswallop · 22/11/2004 14:38

well i cant possiby say ;) a senso f humour mauybe?

but no its a q!

spacemonkey · 22/11/2004 14:38

Shock Grin

codswallop · 22/11/2004 14:39

sm! put your inflatable dol away
no ia m sticking with z cat

she's i a fellow wessex lass

suzywong · 22/11/2004 14:40

I'm waiting with beery breath, it's beer o'clock here
(sooo nice to be on a live thread for a change)

spacemonkey · 22/11/2004 14:40

do keep up wong

codswallop · 22/11/2004 14:41

thats it
" as ensof humour"
no really
I didnt mean it as a joke
it was a q

maomao · 22/11/2004 14:41

I find myself tripping, and I've only had tea

suzywong · 22/11/2004 14:42


Coddy you should work on that joke, it could go down well at the MN Xmas party

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