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I would happily pay money so as not to have to see those adverts...

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wannaBe · 03/01/2008 22:05

on some other sites I've been on, if you pay for a membership, then you don't have to see the adverts on the page because you have contributed financially which is essentially what the advertising companies are doing.

couldn't we have that on here? say like the cat fee, a fiver or something, and then you could block out the ads?

I've never been bothered by them before, but that credit ad is seriously starting to piss me off now.

OP posts:
CarrieMumsnet · 03/01/2008 22:27

Well it's something we could discuss I guess, but can't see it happening in the very near future. Thanks for the suggestion though. Which is the ad that's driving you nuts?

JustineMumsnet · 04/01/2008 10:40

This is something we've thought about doing - is it something that would be popular? And if you were prepared to pay, how much do you think - tbh think it would need to be a bit more than a fiver a year to cover it?

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