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Sales Board (sorry I know it's been done to death!)

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Whizzz · 02/01/2008 09:26

But couldn't there be some guidelines to follow? I put a book on yesterday (after having For Sale in my list of excluded topics for ages) & was astounded at how many threads & bumps are happening every hour (in 2 hours there were over 70 threads above mine). I noticed lots of people post multiple threads for individual items rather than posting one list & bump stuff with alarming regularity.
I know B&S is a touchy subject but I was just at my feeble attempt to try & sell something (for little more than P&P) to my fellow MNetters - what's happened to the place !

OP posts:
OliviaMumsnet · 02/01/2008 11:24

Hi there
I'm pretty sure this is on the list of things to discuss at next week's meeting but I'll check.

DanJARMouse · 02/01/2008 11:26

whizzz - i feel the same, trying to sell my almost new breastpump and it was GONE from the list by the end of the day.

what chance is there of anyone seeing it!

big bug-bear of mine

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