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Teeeeeeeeeccccccccccchhhhhhhhhh! Why can't I cross out money??

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FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 10/12/2007 20:10

£20 ain't right!

OP posts:
TheIceQueen · 10/12/2007 20:11


(just testing _

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem · 10/12/2007 20:12

20 quid

see you can

maybe its the £?

wonder if it works with other punctuation?


TheIceQueen · 10/12/2007 20:12

hmm odd - I guess you'll just have to do £20 (until someone bangs on the shed door to get Tech to sort it

ChristmasSendsMePsycho · 10/12/2007 20:14

why would you want to anyway??????????????????

confooosalled as to why.......

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 10/12/2007 20:17

I was crossing out twenty quid on your solicitor thread and it all went wrong. I lost my amusing point.

OP posts:
ChristmasSendsMePsycho · 10/12/2007 20:22

ahhhh....ok.....will go and see if I can get the amusing point then.....

or is it not there????

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 10/12/2007 20:23

Tis still there, I don't so silly things like previewing and wiping my errors

OP posts:
TecheneezerScrooge · 10/12/2007 20:45

As we like to say in IT circles, that is a feature not a bug. I'll have a look. I think it's prob cos the thing that looks for "dash dash word dash dash" has "word" defined as a sequence of letters and numbers only. We can prob change it but it won't be till tomorrow at the earliest.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 10/12/2007 20:47

"won't be til tomorrow at the earliest"

I was thinking sometime in the new year!!! Tomorrow or the next day will do fine

(Do you never get out of the shed??)

OP posts:
sparklygothkat · 10/12/2007 20:47

I love your xmas name Tech!!! its great!!

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