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'Scoose me, Tech - where's the MN moon gone ?

12 replies

BoysAreLikeReindeer · 07/12/2007 00:23


OP posts:
coldtits · 07/12/2007 00:24

It's gone in the sky too, BALR

That's why it's gone on the moonometer

BoysAreLikeReindeer · 07/12/2007 00:26

But its stormy here and I can't see the sky, it's dark and everything and and and how was I supposed to know ?

Boo hoo

OP posts:
coldtits · 07/12/2007 00:31

he he he

S1ur · 07/12/2007 00:32

mooooon mooney mooney moooon!

BoysAreLikeReindeer · 07/12/2007 00:37

Okay, okay, mock all you like, I have broad shoulders

(I typed b road shoulders which was very funny to read)
OP posts:
S1ur · 07/12/2007 00:41

Excellent! your shoulders are a haven for truckers everywhere

BoysAreLikeReindeer · 07/12/2007 00:46

Slur ! You are on fire tonight ! lol

OP posts:
EricScrooge · 07/12/2007 00:48

Why is there a moon there anyway?

I don't understand.

What happened to looking out of the window?

nannynick · 07/12/2007 00:59

I can see an outline, so it has not vanished completely. Phase is "waning crescent", no idea what that means, but it seems to be before the New Moon phase.

TechTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly · 07/12/2007 01:12

Hello, yes, the moon on the page is supposed to reflect what the moon is like outside (northern hempishere anyway - it's "upside down" down south). At the moment there's only a small amount of the moon illuminated as it's only two days till "new moon" (ie no moon visible). Once we get past that the moon will start to reappear "from the right".

The phases are
new moon
waxing crescent
first quarter
waxing gibbous
full moon
waning gibbous
third quarter
waning crescent

Crescent/gibbous just mean that less than / more than 50% respectively of the visible "disc" is illuminated. Waxing and waning just mean growing and shrinking of course.

As to why we have the moon at all, I believe it's a nod to a combo of the old idea of women being generally influenced by the moon, combined with the folk wisdom that everyone goes a bit mad on full moon.

Am dying to rephrase the previous paragraph to incorporate the phrase "ladies troubles", but fear it may be taken seriously and lead to mocking.....

PrisonerCellBlockAitch · 07/12/2007 01:15

and he just knows all that stuff in his head, ladies, i kid you not.

SantaBeClausImWorthIt · 07/12/2007 07:37

And as if we would mock you, Tech.

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