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Sorry if it's been asked before but $m.topicname/ $m.threadname???

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Lindiriel · 31/10/2007 10:23

Why do these threads keep turning up when I click on 'find discussions for last day' threads? They don't appear if I click on find discussions for last hour or 15 mins. When I click on one it seems to belong to a titled thread so why doesn't that title show?

I'm new to Mumsnet so apologies if the answer is glaringly obvious.


OP posts:
Tech · 31/10/2007 12:25

Hi Lindirel,
It's a problem with the site. It should be fixed by tomorrow..... sorry for the confusion

Lindiriel · 31/10/2007 14:18

No problems. Thanks for letting me know.

OP posts:
Nip · 02/11/2007 14:14

this is happening to me today on some threads... HELP

Nip · 02/11/2007 14:28

Could the thread that i'm trying look at be deleted? It only seems to be one thread imparticular at the moment

popsycal · 02/11/2007 14:29

i think it is chat threads which have expired??

Nip · 02/11/2007 15:01

i wondered that, but then saw that this thread had been update on a while ago... weird!

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