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Are there really NO unanswered threads?

8 replies

WasherChainSaurusMassacre · 30/10/2007 21:09

Or is there something wrong with my MN?

(Guess I'll soon find out the answer to this when I post this message )

OP posts:
WasherChainSaurusMassacre · 30/10/2007 21:31

OK - WHY can't I see ANY unanswered threads Tech?

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 30/10/2007 21:32

No no, unanswered threads is defo broken. I expect Tech knows ...

coppertop · 30/10/2007 21:34

It's because the threads with only one post are all listed as having 2 posts.

WasherChainSaurusMassacre · 30/10/2007 22:06

Oh well, at least it isn't just me then. I will leave Tech to sort it out when he gets a minute

OP posts:
JustscreamMumsnet · 30/10/2007 22:11

Should be sorted overnight according to his Techliness.
Thanks for reminder.

bossybritches · 30/10/2007 22:17

Aha I thought it was just me................. thanks Justine & the loverly Techy (creep creep)

WasherChainSaurusMassacre · 30/10/2007 22:34

Well if Tech says it will be sorted that's good enough for me. Thank you!

OP posts:
WasherChainSaurusMassacre · 31/10/2007 10:39

Good work Tech, thanks

OP posts:
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