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Tech · 30/10/2007 08:25

Hello all,

Just to let you know we haven't forgotten these

  • thread message counts sometimes go a tad haywire....
  • when jumping to a particular post from search results pages (eg find messages or threads I'm on) you don't always get jumped straight to the message in question.
  • On active convos, you might see "mumsnet local" conversations for areas of which you are not a member
  • special needs board opt-in / opt-out is not working correctly

    We are going to put out a new version of the board overnight tonight which should fix these.

    Sorry for the wait.....
OP posts:
BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 30/10/2007 08:27

Sheesh no apologies needed, I can't see the Huns, I am happy.

Blandmum · 30/10/2007 08:28

You are a good egg, and deserve an orange for Christmas!

I've only noticed the message thread counter thing

welliemum · 31/10/2007 01:09

tech, can you sort out the "ignore" problem for us mac users? It's still not working

Furball · 31/10/2007 07:03

tech tech tech - I keep harping on about it and you just ignore me (sob)

sometimes when I go to post it comes up with $thread title and it won't post. and if you look in 'last day' down in the list there are loads of them, when you click on them they go nowhere

robinpud · 31/10/2007 07:32

THank you very much Tech for my yesterday button on the search page. I love it, even if StGeorge was very unkind about it.

Jas · 31/10/2007 07:39

Ah, I was just going to remind you of my problem, but I see Welliemum has already posted.
Please can you help us?[begging emoticon]

Tech · 31/10/2007 10:38

Hello all, we didn't do an update last night in the end. Hopefully we will tonight.... the mac thing should be OK after that.

OP posts:
Tech · 31/10/2007 10:39

Furball, will have a look at that now....

OP posts:
Tech · 31/10/2007 11:07

Hi Furball,
can see what's wrong there. Will add fixing it to the list.....

(slinks off head hung in shame at own incompetence)

OP posts:
MascaraOHara · 31/10/2007 11:12

there's another problem too that I already have mentioned...

When I first log in, I get the old mn format, as soon as I refresh the screen it's back to my customised version?!

oh hang-on, is that because I'm selecting an old version from my drop down.. I'll check!

MascaraOHara · 31/10/2007 11:17

beyond me, still get the old version

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