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Oh lovely tech would it be possible to amend the search...

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CountessDracula · 08/10/2007 20:28

to include all namechanges? I realise it would slow it down rather so maybe an option?

It would make life simpler when looking for things posted at xmas, halloween or just incognito

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CountessDracula · 08/10/2007 20:28

(obv I don't have to namechange at halloween)

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SenoraPostrophe · 08/10/2007 20:30

that would out embarrassed name changers though cd.

but what we could have is a search where "username contains". that way I could search on CountessDrac and get ChristmasCountessDrac, CountessDracoWhacko etc.

PestoPumpkinMonster · 08/10/2007 20:30

I think Tech's off gallivanting in the good ole U S of A....non?

SenoraPostrophe · 08/10/2007 20:31

wouldn't work for cod though. but who wants to search her mesages anyway?

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 08/10/2007 20:31

Yes, you'd get all the changes which were for anonymity too.

And sometimes people change names slighty precisely to avoid being searchable.

CountessDracula · 08/10/2007 20:37

oh sorry I only meant for our own names not others

I was looking for someting I posted ages ago but can't remember what name it was under

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ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 08/10/2007 20:39

So you just want a "search for posts by myself" button really?

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 08/10/2007 20:40

(I'm loving my use of the word "just" there, BTW. I have no idea how difficult it would be )

CountessDracula · 08/10/2007 20:40

I suppose so

Sounds rather narcissistic

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hunkermunker · 08/10/2007 20:40

CD, yes, I've thought that often too.

Not sure why, since I never namechange. Must've been being altruistic or something

SenoraPostrophe · 08/10/2007 20:42

actually, all we need is a "posts by cd" button.

CountessDracula · 08/10/2007 20:42

but only for me to see

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OliviaMumsnet · 08/10/2007 20:46

I have no idea how complicated this is (it sounds it) but I'll see what his royal Techiness says.

hunkermunker · 08/10/2007 20:49

It's only like a grander version of threads I'm on, surely?

That brings up all posts by whatever namechange you've had.

It must be peasy, surely?

C'mon, Tech, what's stopping you? Surely you've nothing else to do?

CountessDracula · 08/10/2007 23:01

it's true
it would be the same bit of code I would think

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