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So, could you please invite Daisy Goodwin one? And Claire Verity while you're at it. Ta

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WideWebWitch · 07/10/2007 21:53

I know it's a bit "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" but hey, erm, come and have a go etc

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 07/10/2007 21:53

ON not on, didn't preview, obv

OP posts:
Sheherazadethegoat · 07/10/2007 21:54

no please don't.

Doodledootoo · 07/10/2007 21:55

Message withdrawn

controlfreaky2 · 07/10/2007 21:59

.... cv would have rules......lots of rules......
we would not be allowed to touch her / speak to her / look at her
we would have to feed her at arms length.....
after half an hour she would want to be shut outside for four hours......
it couldnt work.....

Pruners · 07/10/2007 22:01

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch · 07/10/2007 22:06

If she really wants to put her mouth where her money is though (which I doubt but you never know)...

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 07/10/2007 22:06

oh and we'd have to promise only to cuddle her for 10 mins.....

kiskidee · 07/10/2007 22:13

we can also call both of them 'it'.

UnquietDad · 08/10/2007 10:21

@ kiskidee

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