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Changing my name

10 replies

musica · 17/10/2004 09:09

Hi - just to let you know I'm changing my mumsnet name - will post again in a moment to let you know it's done

OP posts:
tortoiseshell · 17/10/2004 09:11

There, I've done it. Feeling quite traumatised, but wanted a little bit more anonymity iykwim.

tootie · 17/10/2004 10:23

How do you change your name on here?

coppertop · 17/10/2004 10:28

Click on "Your member profile" at the top of the screen. Type in a new name and click on 'update' at the bottom of the profile screen.

WideWebWitch · 17/10/2004 10:37


tootie · 17/10/2004 10:37

thanks, I'm not changing yet, I was just curious how to do it!

JoolsToo · 17/10/2004 10:41

I think you've scored an own goal there - you've told us you've gone from musica to tortoiseshell - so how does that make you anonymous?

Freckle · 17/10/2004 11:20

That's what I was wondering, JT.

charliecat · 17/10/2004 11:33

I am changing from charliecatthenonsmoker back to plain charliecat, not that anyone cares, but I feel I am a nonsmoker now and dont need to broadcast the fact

tortoiseshell · 17/10/2004 12:45

It's more just that my old name was a bit of a giveaway, but not trying to flee any axe-wielding murderers, so don't want to 'vanish'.

tortoiseshell · 17/10/2004 12:45

and well done charliecat

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