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7 replies

ggglimpopo · 28/09/2007 06:52

I used to get the same ads as everyone else as a header and side to mumsnet, then I went over to firefox and they all stopped. They have now started again - today I have really grim WSPA ads, animals that are going to be killed or tortured if I don't send a donation, and a seriously naff french trainers advert, ASICS AT ONLT 60 EUROS BUY NOW, which won't go away.

How do I get rid of this crap? Pahleeeeese.

OP posts:
ggglimpopo · 28/09/2007 06:53

And how come i am getting french ads on mumsnet (have now got french hertz car hire bopping at top of page).

OP posts:
XcupcakemummyX · 28/09/2007 07:03

please take those animal pics away

Shoshable · 28/09/2007 07:07

Do we all get different ads????

all i seem to get is ones advertising differnt phones, or maybe i just dont notice them.

Did notice the blardy TalkTalk one tho, as in dispute with them

XcupcakemummyX · 28/09/2007 07:15

the animal crulty ones have wording that is very upsetting i would not want a young child to see or read those adds

please remove them

AuldAlliance · 28/09/2007 09:32

Ooh, I was going to ask about this; I have French ads, too. UPS at the moment.
So many of them are for shoes and shoe shops (Kickers has been the hard sell for a week now)that I wondered if they were specially profiled for MNers, or if that was just coincidental.
I'm not on firefox btw...

ggglimpopo · 28/09/2007 09:38

I have the kickers in french on the side and laser eye treatment in english up top....

How are you AA? Is it coooooold?

OP posts:
AuldAlliance · 28/09/2007 09:45

Yep, GGG, it's coooold. A bit sudden, too. Mistral whistling through the old bones an' all that. Chilly temperatures announced in Bordeaux, too (I always think of you during that bit of the weather forecast).

Am doing a crazy juggling act between work, DS, housework, shopping, etc. and feeling a bit of a frazzled failure, TBH.

How's the bump?
Did the Paris meetup fizzle out?

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