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Easiest way to find new posts since last visit?

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NAB3 · 23/09/2007 13:17

If I do save faves and have 3-4 options if there has been a lot all of them don't show up. I am sure I ammissing loads of things.

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SaintGeorge · 23/09/2007 16:16

When you do the search click the box 'do not remember this search'. If you suspect there are some threads missing open up a new window and run the search again but first take out the topics that came up in 1st search.

Repeat until you have completed all your chosen topics. Run 1 final search but remove the tick from the box.

Sounds more complicated and time consuming than it is, honest. All threads within each topic will be listed alphabetically so it is fairly easy to see if the topic is complete or not. You can now sit back and browse all the threads. When you run the search again it will be up-to-date.

NAB3 · 23/09/2007 16:53

Thank you. Haven't time to read and digest properly now as about to serve up dinner, but thank you.

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