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MN towers people, PLEASE don't advertise Bernard Matthews!

34 replies

TooTicky · 12/09/2007 22:02

They are uncaring and unhygienic. Shocking lack of animal welfare. I was shocked to see it at the top of the page.

OP posts:
Aitch · 15/09/2007 00:42

i used to like her, tbh, when BB first started. but she never advanced her career, never used her brain. apart from with that sex education film, which i thought was pretty good actually. but yes, a bit too vocal for a midwife. god, i loved my midwife.

hunkermunker · 15/09/2007 00:44

Yes, I liked the sex ed prog - v powerful, I thought (though what's become of it?), but she still did that godawful mug to camera, mouth-slightly agape, dopey frozen look that might've worked on Streetmate but looks RIDICULOUS on a got-to-be-pushing-40 mother of 3, fgs.

hunkermunker · 15/09/2007 00:45

And did you SEE her on Question Time?! Was SO embarrassing - like she thought she could blag it by flirting a bit, then got stroppy when they expected Proper Answers.

Aitch · 15/09/2007 00:47

no i didn't, was she awful? an old editor of mine went on it and mugged for days beforehand. had all the political etc eds debriefing her. (you'd think she'd have known this stuff, natch, but she didn't cos she was a Total Flake).

hunkermunker · 15/09/2007 00:48

Yep, really embarrassing. I can't think of much worse than going on QT, really!

Aitch · 15/09/2007 00:52

apparently a mate of mine was on recently (i didn't see him) and it was another popular culture figure goes on QT and gets eaten alive scenario. i wish i'd seen it, lol.

hunkermunker · 15/09/2007 00:53

There's enough casualties from the prog to make you think that anybody who wasn't In Politics properly would be v wary of going on. Luckily for viewers, that's not the case

Aitch · 15/09/2007 00:56

i can't be arsed watching it, tbh, i'm strictly Any Questions and Any Answers. although last week's was ... it was a bit Welcome To The Haychee And Bobbysmum07 Show.

hunkermunker · 15/09/2007 00:57
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