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Can you do me a favour please?

5 replies

lilolilmanchester · 17/07/2007 19:33

I've decided to make my profile private. Would you please check to see if I have succeeded? Thanks!

OP posts:
WilkiesWizardWheezes · 17/07/2007 19:34

Can't see anything so yes you have succeeded

lilolilmanchester · 17/07/2007 19:38

Thanks. Needed to talk about a sensitive situation a few days ago and it suddenly struck me that the person in question would easily be able to recognise me from my profile if she happened to me a MNetter. My reason for posting was to get it off my chest, not to cause an argument with her!

OP posts:
WilkiesWizardWheezes · 17/07/2007 19:51

Could always change name for such things. Your profile doesn't follow you unless you move it when you name change.

Just for future ref.

lilolilmanchester · 17/07/2007 19:55

Yes, thought afterwards that I shoudl have done that - but the bottle of wine which had loosened my tongue had also numbed my brain a bit!

OP posts:
WilkiesWizardWheezes · 17/07/2007 20:02

Loosened your fingers...


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