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Nbg · 02/07/2007 09:25


MN I farking love you!!!!

Well done to VoluptuaGS, Hayls, cleaninglady and TortoiseSHELL too

OP posts:
TrinityRhino · 02/07/2007 09:26


I never win

ludaloo · 02/07/2007 09:26

OOOhhhh well done!!

fireflyfairy2 · 02/07/2007 09:26


or should I say funtastic??

LIZS · 02/07/2007 09:29

Excellent ! Try to avoid the European holidays though.

Nbg · 02/07/2007 09:30

Oh I am so so pleased and dh will be over the moon.

We dont have 2 pennies to scrape together atm and we havent had a holidays for years so to do this with the kids is even better!

OP posts:
Whoooosh · 02/07/2007 09:34

Well that has to better than a night at the Hoxton.....

Well done!

JARM · 02/07/2007 09:35

Well deserved mate - WELL DONE!

skirmish · 02/07/2007 09:35

well done!

(how are you btw - haven't seen you around for a while )

BBBee · 02/07/2007 09:37



lucky girl

FluffyMummy123 · 02/07/2007 09:39

Message withdrawn

Lizzer · 02/07/2007 09:42

Well done, its a great theme park, you deserve it Nbg (also slightly jealous)

Professorfilthymindedvixen · 02/07/2007 09:51

I am so pleased for you all.
No. Really.

And so jealous...

I dreamt I won it last night. But then I also dreamt I was witty, intelligent and popular too....

melsy · 02/07/2007 09:55

aww well done for you , so nice and exciting news like this for a change hey. When you going to go ????? Can we come too lol , havent been on hols for 2 yrs !

Need to look it up on google moogle !!!

MrsWeasley · 02/07/2007 09:58

well done, have fun

Nbg · 02/07/2007 10:17

Am doing ok thanks Skirmy.

Just starting to bab myself slightly about getting on a plane! I hate flying lol!

Need to know about where ds will sit (he's 10 months), taking a pushchair and getting at least 1 bottle on the plane.
Anyone know how these things work?

OP posts:
Professorfilthymindedvixen · 02/07/2007 10:19

ah well. I think it all sounds too stressful for you NBG. Tell you what, I'll be noble and take your place...

Nbg · 02/07/2007 10:20

Oh how truly noble of you

How does piss off sound?

OP posts:
Professorfilthymindedvixen · 02/07/2007 10:23

Look, I'm just trying to be helpful....

Nbg · 02/07/2007 10:24
OP posts:
MamaG · 02/07/2007 12:16

oh WOW well done! Really pleased for you

BigGitDad · 02/07/2007 12:19

Should this not be on the thread where you have won £500,000? Mis spellings included.
Ah this is real? Well done.

Nbg · 02/07/2007 12:20


Now get over on my travel thread and help me with some questions.

OP posts:
MamaG · 02/07/2007 13:42

if you link to it, i MIGHT give tips

VoluptuaGoodshag · 03/07/2007 21:44

Oh me too - I just found out - still in shock. Trying to figure out if I can fit it in.


Califrau · 03/07/2007 21:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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