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how about a way to delete threads from 'Threads Im On'??

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TranquilaManana · 20/06/2007 16:43

i use threadsimon most... but sometimes a thread i have no further interest in gets longer and longer and scrolling past it is a pain.
can you relieve this for me tech? pwease?

(or is that a dumb idea?)

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PinkTulips · 20/06/2007 16:44

i'd use that too, bugs me when my threads i'm on gets overcrowde and i can't find the ones i'm interested in

dustystar · 20/06/2007 16:45

Use the threads I'm watching option instead.

mytwopenceworth · 20/06/2007 16:46

when you contribute to a thread, add it to threads i'm watching. then use that instead of threads i'm on, then you can remove the watch if you lose interest. you can also keep tabs on a bunfight if you want!

mytwopenceworth · 20/06/2007 16:47

wot she said

damn x post fumble fingers!

PinkTulips · 20/06/2007 16:51

but i never remember to click threads i'm watching!

TranquilaManana · 20/06/2007 16:53

im with PT (thank god for PT, im not alone!)

i dont alwat-ys remember to click watch on a thread, then have to spend ages looking for it. filled up watched threads too much and now its too full in there too. its the equivalent of the cupboard under the stairs in there. my cyber-clutter. doh.

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