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tech · 26/08/2004 11:12

So does the site seem faster to anyone, or did I spend from 6pm till 2am on upgrades for nothing (sob).

Still trying to think of a suitable prize for Spook. Any ideas?

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Kayleigh · 26/08/2004 11:14

prize for spook - a man who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated

and yes, it definitely seems faster to me, sorry tech, should have let you know,

Tommy · 26/08/2004 11:19

yes tech it does. Well done - thanks for all the hard work!

21stcenturygirl · 26/08/2004 12:16

Superdooper fast! Thanks

coppertop · 26/08/2004 12:18

The site certainly seems a lot faster than it used to be, Tech. Go on. Take your bow. You know you want to!

popsycal · 26/08/2004 12:44

what did spook do (apart from being fab of course)

anorak · 26/08/2004 13:31

Yes, faster.

motherinferior · 26/08/2004 13:53

Spook was the last person to post before the Great Shutdown, and the first to restart as well.

Tech, I take it all back. It was a million to one chance, but it did just work!

melsy · 26/08/2004 13:56

much faster tis good !!!

coppertop · 26/08/2004 21:44

The only bit that's slower is the date on the home-page! According to that it's still only Wednesday.

tech · 27/08/2004 11:13

Thanks coppertop, I hadn't noticed.

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