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Dear Tech, please could you remove my messages from the cheapest wooden trainset thread?

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Gingerbear · 25/08/2004 23:34

I have found out that by putting my email address on this thread, my PC has become infected by the MyDoom worm.

If anyone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it I would appreciate any advice.

OP posts:
saintshar · 25/08/2004 23:44

Try this Gingerbear - can't do links so you will jjust have to put it in your address bar yourself.
I think it has a removal tool for the my doom virus. HTH

saintshar · 25/08/2004 23:47
Gingerbear · 25/08/2004 23:54

thanks saintshar.

OP posts:
JanH · 26/08/2004 00:15

In future, gingerbear (and anyone else reading) when you put your email address on, write "at" insetad of using the symbol. Apparently there is software out there that trawls through the internet looking for an "at" symbol in order to use the address that goes with it.

So if you put eg name at hotmail dot com it won't be picked up.

Gingerbear · 26/08/2004 01:42

Ah!! thanks for the tip janH. I think it is safer to CAT in future.

OP posts:
Fairyfly · 26/08/2004 01:59


tech · 26/08/2004 07:50

Hi Gingerbear,
I've taken that message off the board.


mez75 · 26/08/2004 08:26

Could you please take mine off as well, please

bunny2 · 26/08/2004 09:10

blimey, I've posted my address on lots of threads - is it likely to b*gger things up? It's dhs work pc that I use.

gothicmama · 26/08/2004 09:23

tech if its not too much trouble could you take mine off the letterland books thread thank you

Gingerbear · 26/08/2004 09:32

thank you tech

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