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Why do I KEEP getting German adverts whilst I'm on MN?

3 replies

apeainapod · 23/05/2007 11:45

Please......Thank you

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Tech · 23/05/2007 17:35

Hi there,

It's a bit of a complicated story. We outsource our advertising to an agency called OTP, who in turn use an ad serving company called adtech, which is in Germany.

They target ads at geographical regions according to what OTP tell them to do. It looks like you are connecting from an IP address in Ghana. I would imagine that there isn't any advertising specifically targetted at West Africa, as we don't normally have much viewing there. So I think Adtech is showing its default ads, which may be German.

Having said all that, that's not right as their defaults for this site should be mumsnet banners, if you see what I mean. We'll get OTP to have a look.

By the way, before I posted any of this, I checked you had previously said on the board that are based in Accra. Wouldn't want to be invading anyone's privacy. Had you not done that before, we would have emailed not posted on the board... I'm just advance covering possible criticism.... Everyone seems a bit feisty at the mo....

Califrau · 23/05/2007 17:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

apeainapod · 24/05/2007 10:17

Tech - I was going to say Good God you're freaky knowing my IP adress - but I guess that's why you're doing your job and I'm stuck over here!!!

Thanks for the info.

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