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Please MNHQ can we have a PROPERTY thread.

3 replies

Fimbo · 29/03/2007 20:06

(second time of asking btw )

Would be good for those of us trying to sell/buy property. Could cover things like rentals etc as well.

Pretty please (Fimbo whines in Charlie & Lola stylee)

OP posts:
Fimbo · 29/03/2007 20:06

Oops topic not thread!

OP posts:
carriemumsnet · 11/04/2007 14:29

Just noticed noone got back to you on this - must have slipped through our net.

Will put it forward at next big meeting, but that might be a month or so don't hold your breath. Promise to get back though and apologies if your first request was ignored - nothing personal, honest!

RanToTheHills · 11/04/2007 14:30

yes, definitely! I've got (and hopefully given) tons of advice on this! Us property-porn addicts/serial movers need an easy fix!

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