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Update on the Gina Ford legal situation

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JustineMumsnet · 25/02/2007 19:58

Hello all,
Some of you may have seen a Gina Ford interview in the Mail on Sunday today, in which she refers to the Mumsnet legal situation, so we thought it was only right to update you as to where we are.

We are due to go to mediation on March 7th. Our position with regard to this hasn't changed - since very early on in the dispute we have suggested mediation as a sensible way forward and so we are pleased to be meeting with Ms Ford and her lawyers on March 7th.

In the meantime GF has issued a claim form, which means that the court clock is now running and we have to put in our defence within 28 days.

Obviously, as Ms Ford has made clear by this action and by her statements in the Mail on Sunday if mediation fails, she intends to sue.

We're sorry that we are still having to ask you not to discuss Gina Ford or her methods but given the potential for something that may be used against Mumsnet to slip through, this probably remains the safest course of action.

We will, of course, keep you fully updated.

Thanks for all your support.
Mumsnet HQ

OP posts:
hatwoman · 25/02/2007 19:59

thansk Justine. are you able to explain what issuing a claim form means?

pucca · 25/02/2007 20:00

What is all this about? never understood what the prob was to begin with?


Whizzz · 25/02/2007 20:00

Best of luck to all at MN Towers

edam · 25/02/2007 20:01

Thanks for letting us know Justine. Best of British and all that.

edam · 25/02/2007 20:02

pucca, try looking on the home page - there's a link there, last time I looked anyway.

brimfull · 25/02/2007 20:03

Give her hell girls!!!!!!!!!

MerlinsBeard · 25/02/2007 20:03

have only just read the article, am for reasons i won't go into. Best of luck MN towers and ty for the update

sauce · 25/02/2007 20:04

tosh! best of luck to MNT.

Pruni · 25/02/2007 20:04

Message withdrawn

zippitippitoes · 25/02/2007 20:04

I hope for a sensible and positive outcome for everyone

littlemissbossy · 25/02/2007 20:05

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PeachyClair · 25/02/2007 20:05

Oh no, all sunds very dismal- not sure how I rate the chances of mediation in thsi but there you go- won't go further into that.

Good luck MN!

SherlockLGJ · 25/02/2007 20:07

I don't normally read that comic, but will on this occcasion.

WideWebWitch · 25/02/2007 20:07

Hmm, so she's issued a claim form. Why do that before mediation hey? Best of luck with it Justine, I hope it does get resolved without legal action.

I'm completely happy not to discuss her or her methods here.

funnypeculiar · 25/02/2007 20:08

Thanks for the update, & good luck

marthamoo · 25/02/2007 20:09

Good luck, MN.

Emskilou · 25/02/2007 20:10

Good luck MNHQ, you have our full support all the way

Marina · 25/02/2007 20:10

Very best of luck with this and hope all works out well for you and for Mumsnet

NadineBaggott · 25/02/2007 20:10


IntergalacticWalrus · 25/02/2007 20:11

Just read the article. God it made me mad.

Good luck on the 7th MN.

expatinscotland · 25/02/2007 20:11

Good luck!

JustineMumsnet · 25/02/2007 20:11

Erm... good question Hatwoman. Can someone legal help out on the actual definition of a claim form? - all I know is that it's a significant and necessary step (if you have insurance I believe) in the process of taking someone to court...

OP posts:
hatwoman · 25/02/2007 20:11

IGw - is it on line? I oculdn't find it

hunkerdave · 25/02/2007 20:11

Support from here too - with swearing if necessary.

Overrun · 25/02/2007 20:12

Good luck

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