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Where have all the messages gone starting with the letters 'i - z' under 'Health' please?

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Countingthegreyhairs · 12/02/2007 11:15

Could someone help me please as I think I'm being really thick!? Did a search today under 'Health' before posting a question (about periods as it happens - sorry!!) as didn't want to raise a subject already discussed. Switched to alphabetical order and pages 1-35 came up. All the questions in page 35 started with the letter 'i'. But where are all the questions starting with the letters i-z???

OP posts:
Tech · 12/02/2007 14:55

Hmmmm, that doesn't sound right. I may have accidentally broken something. Will investigate and report back later....

SaintGeorge · 12/02/2007 15:02

It happens in other topics too Tech, not just Health.

SaintGeorge · 12/02/2007 15:05

In fact any topic that goes on to 2 or more pages. The end of the alphabet vanishes at various points.

Tech · 12/02/2007 21:20

I've found what's wrong here. Short explanation is I'm a fool. We'll fix overnight.


Tech · 13/02/2007 03:32

These should be OK now.


Countingthegreyhairs · 13/02/2007 13:58

You are far from a fool Tech! (I wouldn't know where to begin maintaining a site such as this!!) Thank you - much appreciated!!

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