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Excuse me? Tech? When you have a moment ...

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WigWamBam · 23/01/2007 15:04

Every time I click on Unanswered Threads, it takes away all my ticks in the boxes at the top and I have to reset them again ... or risk the hell that is the For Sale threads plastered all over my Active Convos again.

Now, I know it's no biggie in the scheme of things ... but bloody hell, it's peeing me off! Any chance it can be fixed? Please?

Pretty please? Down on knees grovelling and pleading please?

OP posts:
Tech · 23/01/2007 16:11

Hi, We'll fix that tonight. We hadn't noticed it, so thanks for letting us know.


WigWamBam · 23/01/2007 16:15

Thank you!

OP posts:
alibubbles · 23/01/2007 20:43

I can't save any topics to favourites, I have to load all the subjects I want to read every time I want to read new messages

Tech · 24/01/2007 01:28

The unanswered threads link shouldn't clear the check boxes any more.

Alibubbles, on the "save favourites" this should be OK as long as your browser is set to allow "cookies". That's the only realistic way we have of remembering from page to page what your favourites are. Is this something that used to work for you and stopped, or did it never work?


alibubbles · 24/01/2007 07:17

I always had my fasvourites saved and now they won't!

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