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When did these appear???

5 replies

ItsMeMellowma · 23/01/2007 11:30

The little things at the side of the threads where you alert mumsnet..... little envelopes and other little box things....

What for?

OP posts:
ItsMeMellowma · 23/01/2007 11:31

O I see.... its the CAT thingy

OP posts:
whoopsfallenoveragain · 23/01/2007 11:32

I was just going to post that!!
You can now tell who has a profile or not!!

BibiThree · 23/01/2007 11:36

How do you get a Profile?

sandcastles · 23/01/2007 11:48

bibithree, click my registration, enter your email addy & passowrd & you will geta a screen called my mumsnet. There is an option ion light blue, create a 'public profile'

princessmel · 23/01/2007 13:27

I just noticed these too. I think ones to see who has a profile and one is so you can CAT someone easily. Its a good idea I think.

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