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sandcastles · 23/01/2007 11:30

There....right at the end of the blue line

OP posts:
NotAnOtter · 23/01/2007 11:30

ohh yea!

MegaLegs · 23/01/2007 11:31

Oh yes - have you pressed any?

bakedbeans · 23/01/2007 11:31

cool aren't they

Skyler · 23/01/2007 11:32

And it means we can tell who has a profile. I might be interested again now instead of hitting names to find out people haven't set a profile up! Yay. (not that I have done one yet..)

Jessajam · 23/01/2007 11:33

I just have the red exclamation I not special enough?

sandcastles · 23/01/2007 11:33

Yes...both, of course. Yellow indicates to that the poster has a profile & takes you to it

Envelope lets you CAT that poster

OP posts:
Jessajam · 23/01/2007 11:33

Oh...take it back..JUST appeared

MegaLegs · 23/01/2007 11:33

My picture from my profile pgae has gone - obviously to prevent other posters feeling inferior.

Tech · 23/01/2007 11:33

Yes, these are the somewhat delayed extra buttons to cat someone (envelope) and to see their profile if they have one (other one)......

LIZS · 23/01/2007 11:34

me neither jessajam

LIZS · 23/01/2007 11:34

ah ha !!

ItsMeMellowma · 23/01/2007 11:34

I just started another thread about these.....

sandcastles · 23/01/2007 11:34

megalegs, I just saw your pic

OP posts:
Jessajam · 23/01/2007 11:34

trick seems to be to mention your lack of the extra icons and 'poooof' there they are!!

ledodgy · 23/01/2007 11:35

oh so we have!

lucykate · 23/01/2007 11:35

woo hoo, i like it, being able to see who has done a profile and who hasn't, i mean.

i'm a nosey person and like looking at the profiles.

MegaLegs · 23/01/2007 11:35

Where have all the photos gone Techy?

LIZS · 23/01/2007 11:35

what about namechangers ? Does the profile move with them even if they would prefer to be incognito ?

Tech · 23/01/2007 11:35

Am just locating them now.... give it a few minutes.....

Jessajam · 23/01/2007 11:36

(minor whinge) my music and TV lists sort of merge into one...not enough space between the columns...?

lucykate · 23/01/2007 11:36

i just wish the profile would open up into a seperate window

MerlinsBeard · 23/01/2007 11:37

Tech...i made a profile changed my mind and now it won't set it to private...?? I don't want one make it go away

damewashalot · 23/01/2007 11:37

I haven't got any

damewashalot · 23/01/2007 11:38

Oh there they are

lucykate · 23/01/2007 11:38

megalegs, i see you like 'the IT crowd', me and dh used to watch that, it's hilarious. best bit when they answerd the phone saying 'hello, IT department, have you tried switching it off then on again'

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