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okay why does half my member profile not show up?

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Cappuccino · 17/01/2007 17:34

I type it in

some of it shows up and some doesn't

my age does
my job doesn't

I can't get that 'add a picture from your gallery to your page' bit to work at all

and I was being so witty and erudite

OP posts:
themaskedposter · 17/01/2007 17:39

perhaps it is still 'work in progress' at MN towers ? ...

CountessDracula · 17/01/2007 17:40

maybe your job has been deemed too unimportant

themaskedposter · 17/01/2007 17:43

OH Countess ... you are a true super-moggle!!!


CountessDracula · 17/01/2007 17:45

why, thank you
Cappuccino · 17/01/2007 18:20


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