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Uploading photos in Member Profiles

4 replies

Tatties · 08/01/2007 20:57

There used to be an option of 'click here to upload photo' didn't there? Is it just me or has it gone?!

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Quootiepie · 08/01/2007 21:01

just do the profile... then go back, once it's loaded and click the link on it. That's what I did.

Tatties · 08/01/2007 21:06

Oh no... I don't understand....! Do you write the message, post the message, then go back into it? Is that when you get the option to upload your photo? Sorry for being thick

OP posts:
Quootiepie · 08/01/2007 22:08

Yep, what you said

Tatties · 09/01/2007 14:23

Thanks Quootie, will give it a go later

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