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********* TECH*************"threads i'm on"... why does it not update anymore?

12 replies

twinkletinselpud · 23/12/2006 21:30

every time i click on "thread i'm on", it has never updated like it used to and tbh it's getting a bit tired having to click on the thread again to get it to refresh all the time. please someone sort it out!

OP posts:
2HappyTurtleDoves · 24/12/2006 07:05

Don't know if this has been discussed before on one of the other threads, but I totally agree, it's really annoying!

Tech · 24/12/2006 10:03

Hi, Sorry I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean you click and you don't see the latest messages without clicking again?

wickedwinterwitch · 24/12/2006 10:58

It does work for me, if I click on threads I'm on in a second, this one will be at the top.

wickedwinterwitch · 24/12/2006 10:58

Just clicked on post and then immediately on threads I'm on and this one was at the top so it's working for me.

MerryMellowmas · 24/12/2006 11:39

yes, it works fine when I do it.

twinkletinselpud · 24/12/2006 19:43

what i meant was that some of the threads hadn't updated on the threads i'm on screen itself. when i actually go into any thread on that screen it has updated. but when i only look at the tio screen, i never know which one of the threads has updated i have to physically go into it to check. does that make sense now?

OP posts:
twinkletinselpud · 24/12/2006 19:44

tho it's just done it with this one so maybe it's ok now tia

OP posts:
Katymac · 24/12/2006 19:46

Your computer sometimes stores an older versioon

If you refresh the "Threads I'm on" page it should become up-to-date

2HappyTurtleDoves · 24/12/2006 19:49

Sorry, I was wittering about something else: that the threads I'm watching doesn't automatically update like it used to, so if I go into there I can't tell if someone's added any messages or not.

twinkletinselpud · 24/12/2006 19:51

2htd that's what i meant - sorry everyone!

OP posts:
twinkletinselpud · 24/12/2006 19:53

well it's updated on there as well 2htd but it's like it's been flipped. most odd.

OP posts:
2HappyTurtleDoves · 24/12/2006 19:57

Hmm, well mine hasn't, and hasn't ever since the redesign thingy, so if there's a thread I'm watching that doesn't get posted on very often, I have to keep opening it or re-adding it to my watch list to know if anyone's posted. Preferred it the other way - which is the way threads I'm on seems to still be working.

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