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ttc, af, bd ... acronyms please!

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spacemonkey · 19/05/2004 12:54

I'm putting together an acronym glossary for the site, and I know some of the ttc ones ...

ttc = trying to conceive
bd = baby dancing
af = auntie flo

but I know there are lots more ... all contributions from mners who are fluent in ttc-ese would be welcome

OP posts:
JanZ · 19/05/2004 13:01

The one I've never got is "NT". I know it means "normal" (as NOT special needs) - but have never managed to work out what it stands for.

tamum · 19/05/2004 13:03

Neurotypical, I believe

coppertop · 19/05/2004 13:03

NT = Neurologically typical

Do you just want ttc abbreviations or ones for the whole site?

Janh · 19/05/2004 13:06

Neurologically Typical - website !

(That was spooky - I just googled Neurologically Typical and the very first link was to the last time I posted that link here! )

sm, you could do a SN glossary too - all that DLA and SALT and whatnot bamboozles me.

coppertop · 19/05/2004 13:10

For the Special Needs board we have:

SN = special needs
ASD = autistic spectrum disorder
AS = Asperger's Syndrome
SALT = Speech and Language Therapy/Therapist
OT = Occupational Therapist/Therapy
DLA = Disability Living Allowance
DS = Down's Syndrome
CF = Cystic Fibrosis
CP = Cerebral Palsy (only I can never spell it properly!)
ADHD = Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder
SENCO = Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

There's probably more that I've forgotten.

spacemonkey · 19/05/2004 13:11

i've got a pretty exhaustive list of the general ones

excellent idea about the SN ones jan

DLA = disability living allowance
SALT = ?

will pick lou's brains!

i'm just doing an alphabetically ordered master list for now, so the SN and TTC ones will be mixed up with the rest

OP posts:
spacemonkey · 19/05/2004 13:11

EXCELLENT ct - thanks!

OP posts:
spacemonkey · 19/05/2004 13:15

I'm confused about NT now

the link says Neurotypical is a disorder

I thought it was shorthand for "normal"

clarify please SN gurus!

OP posts:
coppertop · 19/05/2004 13:16

NT = Neurologically Typical

as far as I know!

coppertop · 19/05/2004 13:17

IEP = Individual Educational Plan

Janh · 19/05/2004 13:17

sm, that's the joke!

Janh · 19/05/2004 13:18

See here!

spacemonkey · 19/05/2004 13:21


OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 19/05/2004 22:07

Dh/dp/ds/dd/ dear/darling husband/partner/son/daughter
MIL/FIL mother in law/father in law (?)
IIRC = If I Remember Correctly
atm = At the moment
btw = by the way
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my humble opinion
ffs = For fs sake
nfw = no f
* way
wrt = with regard to
SALT = speech and language therapy
Did you just want ttc ones though? Ignore me if so!

spacemonkey · 19/05/2004 22:09

thanks www - i have a pretty exhaustive list of all the general ones already. I was after the more specialised ones - particularly ttc and SN. I'll put an email link on the list itself so people can let me know of any that have been missed. The list should be online within the next few days

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 19/05/2004 22:16

Ah sm, sorry, that'll be my head about to explode then, didn't read your post properly

JanZ · 25/05/2004 10:18

Spacemonkey - just thought of another acronym that is used a lot - EBM, which might be confusing for newcomers.

CountessDracula · 25/05/2004 10:22

spacemonkey this should help you

spacemonkey · 25/05/2004 10:24

Thanks everyone for filling in the blanks. I'll expand the list asap.

Thanks for the link CD. I might put a link to that page at the bottom of the list, however I wanted to keep the list to those most commonly used on MN otherwise people would be wading through rarely seen acronyms to find what they want!

OP posts:
Azure · 25/05/2004 10:25

BFP - big fat positive
BFN - big fat negative
DPO - days past ovulation
CM - cervical mucus (well, you asked)
CD - cycle date / days

dinosaur · 25/05/2004 10:26

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

Rebi · 25/05/2004 10:28

HTH - Hope that helps
HFA - High Functioning Autism


lou33 · 25/05/2004 12:22

Great minds Janz, I emailed the tech2/monkey last night saying the same thing!

Janh · 31/05/2004 18:29

PECS, please, tech2?

Soozi · 01/06/2004 20:21

Thank you for this thread - I was just about to post a new one as I get so confused sometimes with them all.

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