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Attaching Photos to sell items

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sleepysooz · 18/11/2006 14:28

I am computer illiterate, I know practically nothing about computers.

I have put some things up for sale on Mumsnet, and don't know how to attach photos!

Please Please Please! can someone help me through step by step account, (I mean easy instructions, no clever terminology) of how to attach photos I have of things to sell on MN!

Thank you sooooo much!

OP posts:
OliviaMumsnet · 19/11/2006 10:43

HI Soozi
Have you taken the pictures and stored them on your computer?
Do you know where they are? E.g. My Documents/Photos of things to sell on Mumsnet
If not you'll need to do that first.

If so, you log in to post as usual and go into the For Sale topic and start a new thread.

Then it should say click here to include a photo.

Then click choose photo which will take you into the directory on your computer so you'll be able to select the relevant folder and then the relevant photo. (e.g. My Documents/Photos of things to sell on Mumsnet/Photo1.jpg)

Next click send file. Once it's been sent you'll get a message which says "Your picture uploaded successfully".

Finally type what you want in the thread and preview to check you've got the right picture.

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus · 19/11/2006 10:48

Or you may get a message saying file is too big and has to be resized!
That can be th difficult bit!

sleepysooz · 21/11/2006 10:26

Thank you for your help, it was very helpful, but yes my biggest problem is downsizing my photos, AGHH!

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