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Cod's tip of the day.....

13 replies

tortoiseshell · 27/10/2006 18:53

....I will!

OP posts:
MarsLady · 27/10/2006 18:53

I won't!

charmkin · 27/10/2006 18:54

been doing it for years actually

covenoveneer · 27/10/2006 18:54


TheDaVinciCod · 27/10/2006 18:54

i dont care
i only did it to win the comp
i normally produse ridicilous tips so am stunned that they used one

" dont have babies it makes your tummy fat" and suchlike

tortoiseshell · 27/10/2006 18:55

Well I have the definitive fussy eater so any tip is welcome.

OP posts:
TheDaVinciCod · 27/10/2006 18:56

ds1 is my fuss meister althoguh these days is a a LOT better and comapred to some is a gourmet

tortoiseshell · 27/10/2006 18:56

ds1 for me too.

OP posts:
covenoveneer · 27/10/2006 18:56

DOH, now I understand [dim emoticon] .

charmkin · 27/10/2006 18:59

reminds me of time i got fussy dd to eat salmon because ' it was pink'

fussy kids are really embarrassing when you go to friends and their kids are eating pesto and green beans with their pasta and you have to say

just pasta is fine

like your kid has really unsophisticated taste buds

and they are all

ooo he was weaned on anchovies and spinach

DumbledoresGirl · 27/10/2006 19:01

Sadly it wouldn't work with mine, but if it works for yours....

JoolsToo · 27/10/2006 19:02

I'll have the beans but no chili if it's all the same to you?

Naughtynoonoo · 27/10/2006 19:10

God I need to get my eyes tested I thought this was under the heading Style and was expecting to get a fashion tip, could be an idea though a Tip of the Day on Style - COD you seem to be quite a fashion guru - come on how about it? Good tip about B/beans btw.

Bozza · 27/10/2006 19:15

Is that really it? I should start producing a few tips if that is all you have to do. Right got one in mind.

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