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Mac users: How do you italicise?

7 replies

LadyMacbeth · 19/10/2006 18:52

Can't find the keys I need on my keyboard!

Sorry if this has been done before but it's v annoying...

OP posts:
rabbitrabbit · 19/10/2006 19:05

testing 1 2 3

rabbitrabbit · 19/10/2006 19:06

how annoying!!

rabbitrabbit · 19/10/2006 19:06


rabbitrabbit · 19/10/2006 19:08

Ok, that was a bit weird. It worked the 2nd time I tried-I got the caret symbol with shift+6, is that what you're looking for? Or does that symbol not display for you?

LadyMacbeth · 19/10/2006 19:12

Will try - aha - thanks!!^

Feel really stupid now!

OP posts:
rabbitrabbit · 19/10/2006 19:14

You're welcome. Don't feel stupid-I just realised that I could have just used 'preview' to do my testing instead of actually posting my madness!

LadyMacbeth · 19/10/2006 19:17
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