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MN - New look ....

9 replies

Stargazer · 16/10/2006 09:21

well it was a surprise, but I like it.

Just a quick question - could you put the create a conversation button at the top of the page - it's taken me a while to work out how to do new threads and I've been on here for a while now.

OP posts:
emkana · 16/10/2006 09:23

What new look? [puzzled emoticon]

zippitippitoes · 16/10/2006 09:23

wondered what you were talking about as it looks the same to me..until the penny dropped i had to go and find the new look!

LadyTophamHatt · 16/10/2006 09:24

its a new look homepage.

intergalacticwerewolf · 16/10/2006 09:24


intergalacticwerewolf · 16/10/2006 09:25

ah ha!

hub2dee · 16/10/2006 09:25

If this thread goes quiet there's another about the same thing.

TortUREoiseChamber · 16/10/2006 09:25

Very nice.
I like it.

intergalacticwerewolf · 16/10/2006 09:28

Lets just hope the new look doesn't extend to flashing emoticons and avatars

intergalacticwerewolf · 16/10/2006 09:29

Oh, and those "3days, 4 hours and 32 mins since I had my last poo" ticker things

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