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I would like more ....

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poppiesinaline · 28/09/2006 19:33

emoticons. I think the new one is fab - although it does keep disappearing - like now for example!

I want more

I would like a puzzled/confused one.

A bored one

any more suggestions???

OP posts:
Pruni · 28/09/2006 19:34

Message withdrawn

Posey · 28/09/2006 19:35

I wondered where that one had gone.
We need

FillyjonktheBananaEater · 28/09/2006 19:36

I want



sugarfree · 28/09/2006 19:36

I would like a 'beating a dead horse one'

Pollyanna · 28/09/2006 19:40

We definitely need a smug one.

southeastastra · 28/09/2006 19:41


poppiesinaline · 28/09/2006 19:42

am liking these

and a 'yippee' kind of one

In fact, if they did enough emoticons do you think you could type a whole post just using emoticons?

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