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That's that JJ that is...

6 replies

anorak · 14/09/2006 08:36

Who read their mumsnet newsletter this morning?

Tales of drunkenness and dancing on tables.

Huh. That's that JJ that is. Bound to be

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FioFio · 14/09/2006 08:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker · 14/09/2006 08:45

Are MN Towers coming to the London Xmas meet-up? Tech may be too scared...

carriemumsnet · 14/09/2006 17:53

Not sure we'll be allowed out for forseeable future, but do let us know when it is...just in case

essbee · 14/09/2006 18:06

Message withdrawn

JJMumsnet · 15/09/2006 19:58

All I'm going to say to anorak and essbee is

And I didn't dance on tables, really (that's for those who know me in real life - could spark a 'cruelty to tables' thread).

Fio, I am not a bad influence. I expect 100 lines saying just that by 10pm.

anorak · 16/09/2006 09:48

We know the truth, don't we fio and essbee ?

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