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girrafey · 27/08/2006 14:15

come and lurk on mumsnet everyday for an hour or so, and do the odd post. had regular newsletters sent for nearly 2 years now. just wondered where they have gone. def havnt asked for them to stop sending them to me. but havnt had one in months. have i missed something that told us they were stopping or is it just mumsnet hq being too busy at the mo? also sent them an email and havnt had a reply and it has been well over a week now. not nagging or complaining just wondering if newsletters have stopped, or if they are on hold while really busy. ( or maybe i am just invisable??) thanks. x

OP posts:
SaintGeorgeMarple · 27/08/2006 15:45

If you go to this page and sign in you can check which emails you are signed up to.

I am pretty sure the weekly newsletter is on hold at the moment though as I haven't seen one for about 4 weeks.

I would advise sending your email again if you still need an answer from HQ, they are pretty good at replying so it has probably slipped through the net.

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