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Trying to access the easytoname link to get my discount!

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Beauregard · 23/08/2006 22:30

And damn it it wont let me.
Have changed browser in case it was that but it just keeps asking for my username and password over and over and over and over ,you get the idea?
Shall i just give up and not bother with the 10% discount?

OP posts:
Gillian76 · 23/08/2006 22:31

This has happened to me twice (2 years running)

It doesn't work, afaik. Quite annoying

Beauregard · 23/08/2006 22:32

How annoying ! whats the point of the link then?

OP posts:
Gillian76 · 23/08/2006 22:33

Exactly. I wonder if MN towers are aware?

roisin · 23/08/2006 22:42

It worked for me yesterday.
here it says "To get your discount use username easy2name and password is mums-e2n "
That's what I did and it worked for me.

Beauregard · 23/08/2006 22:44

ive emailed mumsnet towers

OP posts:
roisin · 23/08/2006 22:49

Will this link work to take you straight there to site with mn discounts

Beauregard · 23/08/2006 23:05

Thanks Roisin you have shown me the way
Just goes to prove i should look before i leap!

OP posts:
roisin · 23/08/2006 23:07


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