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Tip of the day.... it works - honest!

3 replies

Mo2 · 17/08/2006 12:21

At last! I have fame, if not fortune, and a 'Tip of the Day'

AND before anyone asks, it is NOT one of those cod-esque made up ones ... we really did it (by accident rather than design) and it works...

Hurrah for dustbusters... er, I mean Dino-Thunder-dust-suckers....

OP posts:
Pamina3 · 17/08/2006 12:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mo2 · 17/08/2006 12:24

Hi Pamina - no not here much these days.. but popped back in a bit more recently to find out about all the .. ahem... 'news'....

OP posts:
PanicPants · 17/08/2006 12:24

Just read it, will remember it for when ds is a little older

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