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please bear in mind you may not be able to post freely here in future

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Chandra · 11/08/2006 16:16

Have seen it in bold type in posts that I believe have been deleted.... what is the reason for this?

OP posts:
Mascaraohara · 11/08/2006 16:25

What? not seen it...??

jabberwocky · 11/08/2006 16:25

I have seen it too. Wondered what it was all about...

CarolinaMao · 11/08/2006 16:26

yes, all v weird. No idea what's it's about.

trinityrhino · 11/08/2006 16:26

they aren't posts that have been deleted, it's just true and the person posting is trying to get everyone to realise how serious the "she who we cannot name" sutuation is

PrettyCandles · 11/08/2006 16:26

Seen it a couple of times, assumed (gbut have no proof) that it relates to people posting their email addresses and asking/offering to bypass CAT so that they wouldn't have to pay subscription.

Chandra · 11/08/2006 16:28

I'm not sure, there is a thread in the allergies topic where one of these posts appear and the subsequent post is asking whether that post refered to her or some one else. Nobody wasn't part of the conversation at all [puzzled emoticon]

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 11/08/2006 16:29

#Crossed posts, TR, but if that's the case then I think she's being pathetically melodramatic. Of course the situation is serious, but I think it be better for her to draw attention to it by wording her post a little differently, perhaps along the lines of "what would you do if you couldn't post here again?" with a link to the site update page, rather than some veiled threat.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 11/08/2006 16:29

the posting of email addresses was in no way to avoid paying CAT - it was to lessen the work load at MNHQ and had nothing to do with the comment in question.

The bold type comment was to highlight that the SWCNBN issue is VERY serious

TheBlonde · 11/08/2006 16:29

I think someone just posted it on lots of threads at the same time

PrettyCandles · 11/08/2006 16:30

And in any case, we can't post freely here already.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 11/08/2006 16:30

i think the messages have stopped - it was late and not well thought through - no it want me!!!

PrettyCandles · 11/08/2006 16:31

No, J&RsM, I'm sure that I've seen statements along the lines of 'I haven't paid for CAT, so here's my email', and well before the Voldemort situation arose.

Chandra · 11/08/2006 16:39

As I said, it was in an allergy thread, no mention whatsoever of nobody, that's what I find strange.

Have made a search and there are a multitude of similar messages by just two posters, guess it has nothing to do with MN headquarters then...

OP posts:
jabberwocky · 11/08/2006 16:40

That's what I found strange as well. The one I saw was on a relationship thread and I thought it had to do with the dh in question.

MrsBadger · 11/08/2006 16:42

I think they were posted in an effort to draw attention to and garner support for the free-speech petition etc.

MrsBadger · 11/08/2006 16:43

...and were just posted on all live threads to get people's attention, rather than threads with any specific content.

Lemmingswife · 11/08/2006 16:43

I had this message appear on my thread & thought it was a warning due to my situation. Didn't realise it had been posted on several threads. Very strange.

SaintGeorge · 11/08/2006 20:17

I think you will find plenty of people who don't even use the CAT facility have paid for it recently purely as a way to add cash to the possible MN fighting fund.

My own email address is common knowledge on this site so I frequently offer to act as a 'post box' for people to swap addresses. As JARM pointed out, I have offered again now to lessen MNHQs work load as they vet all CATs.

PrettyCandles · 14/08/2006 15:03

Fair enough under current circumstances, I just felt that it was a bit of a swizz at other times. Avoiding paying for CAT, I mean, not having to pay for CAT - which I think is very good VFM.

Beetroot · 14/08/2006 15:08

I pay for CAT but actually am happy to give my email out as it seems simpler adn quicker..but pay for CAT as I use this site and want to help.

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