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why is mumsnet so slow today?

10 replies

zippitippitoes · 08/08/2006 13:47

.......surely mnhq have time to give us some figures???

OP posts:
anthonykiedisbitontheside · 08/08/2006 13:48

haha I was thinking the same.

MrsSpoon · 08/08/2006 13:48
Tinker · 08/08/2006 13:49

Must be its busiest day ever.

suejonez · 08/08/2006 13:49

55,588,092,340,239,038,420,397,520,537 journalists trying to get access to see what all the fuss is about

mytwopenceworth · 08/08/2006 13:50

because every parent with computer acess is online right now and about a million journalists are reading thru for the juicy threads!! hi there!!

Quootiepie · 08/08/2006 13:50

taking forever to load up... I tried to post that it was on the BBC One news, but by the time I finished geting loaded, it was over! lol

Mascaraohara · 08/08/2006 13:51

bloody annoying though, I keep coming to take a sneaky peek whilst working and it's too slow for me to access..

Tech · 08/08/2006 14:19

Hi there, It's slow because it's very busy. We are going to increase capacity for tomorrow we hope.


zippitippitoes · 08/08/2006 14:21

hi tech how many more people are on than a normal tuesday?

OP posts:
SaintGeorge · 08/08/2006 14:24

Keep up the good work Tech
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